Emanz is an early-twentysomething who bounced back and forth between New York City and Jamaica for most of his life, and now resides in California.

From the beautiful hue of his caramel skin to his strong facial features that beam with pride of his Caribbean heritage–he’s quite striking. So, it isn’t a surprise he, too, considers himself to be beautiful.

But as you’ll soon learn, Emanz has had to pay for his beauty in blood, sweat, rejection, and tears. Even those closest to him have tried to break him, either using his beauty against him or trying to make him believe it didn’t exist to begin with.

The scariest part of all: for a while, he believed them. But eventually, he saw what was happening and found the strength to break free, but not without his fair share of scars.

And perhaps that’s the most powerful lesson of all. Experience Emanz’s Pillow Talk journey:

When People See Me

When It Just Doesn’t Add Up